Sexy Female Guitarist – Orianthi

Sexy Female Guitarist Orianthi

Sexy Female Guitarist Orianthi

Sexy Female Guitarist Orianthi

Sexy Female Guitarist Orianthi

From her myspace page:
“I have been playing in different bands since I was 14 around Adelaide and my first support show was for Steve Vai when I was 15. I had the opportunity to meet and jam with Carlos Santana when I was 18 in my hometown…I have had some amazing things happen this year, I jammed with Prince, toured with Steve Vai, made a video clip for Panasonic HD, had a song on the Bratz movie, played at the Eric Clapton Crossroads festival and appeared in the New York Times buisiness section promoting Eco-friendly acoustic guitars.”

Video: guitar solo at 1:40, longer one at 2:46


6 Responses to “Sexy Female Guitarist – Orianthi”

  1. i neeeeeeeeeeed girl frend

  2. this babe really f— rocks!! She can rock my world any day of the week.

  3. Chairul Akhmad Says:

    I’ve seen the movies where she showed her talent on duet with MJ, such beautiful combination between an outstanding greater-entertainer ever lived with an attractive a young blonde guitarist playing “They Don’t Care about US”. While the movie is along running I was overwhelming with the question about the guitarist girl, who was she, her name and how she came to take a part with MJ? Finally, almost and perhaps at the end of the movie, her name appeared in the credit tittle of a figure involved in the movie. Bravo Orianthi, I’ll wait for your next work.

  4. I don’t think so. (My sister got mad at me for what I was going to originally going to say…)



  6. i love you orianthi peace

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